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Some Facts About Golden Retriever Dogs



Are you thinking of bringing a lovely golden retriever to your home? Having a pet in your home is a wonderful and exciting thing. And buying a golden retriever puppy in Kolkata is even better, as they are very loyal and cute too. Retriever dogs are also very dear to children.

However, if you are considering bringing a Golden Retriever into your home, you should educate yourself thoroughly. Before bringing any pet into the house, you should get information about it. We will cover some facts about the Golden Retriever in this article, which can help you.

Some facts about Golden Retriever: you must have to know before get one

1 It is quite heavy maintainance.

These dogs are very pampered because they come in luxury. Similar to their needs, like food, soap, toys, clothes, etc., are also very expensive. Their hair is also very long, due to which you have to groom them daily. They get sick a little sooner, due to which you have to keep putting money behind them again and again. You need a lot of money to raise these puppies.

2 It grows up quickly.

This is absolutely true. The more you get to know this dog better, the bigger it will get. These dogs gain 90% of their weight at the age of just 11 months.

3. Golden retriever love bites

The most important thing that should be known about these pillows is whether they bite or not. The Golden retriever bites a lot. These puppies are very loyal to their owner. These puppies bite to explore the things around them. That is, this is the way they feel. It bites instead of catching, and it is not so painful for adults, but be careful for children.

some facts on golden retriever dogs4. The Golden Retriever loves water

This is a bit surprising. The Golden Retriever is very fond of water but does not like to be bathed at all. If you go to the bathroom to bathe your pet golden retriever, it will really run away. But if you take it to some place, such as near the lake, near the swimming pool, or near the beach, then it will be very happily bathed in the water there.

5. A golden retriever is a big  size Dog

Golden retriever is a large and active dog. If you have children in your house and you are thinking of getting a Golden Retriever, then know this thing. Children can be insecure around a golden retriever. A Golden Retriever can very easily knock down a child or an old man. Therefore, you may have to be a little careful with children and old people. Therefore, take care of your children and the elderly in the house, especially when your dog is angry or is in an active state.

6. The Golden Retriever has low health problems

The complete life span of a Golden Retriever is at least 10 to 12 years. And, they’re quite healthy dog breed. The Golden Retriever breed has some common dog health issues such as skin infections, ear infections, shedding.

Adopt A Golden Retriever Puppy & Know it’s Price

You can easily find a Golden Retriever puppy at a reasonable price in Kolkata. Or you can also buy them online. Generally, a good quality golden retriever puppy will cost you between ₹18,000 and ₹40,000.